Fate/Apocrypha Episode 1

Foreign: Holy Grail War

Kairi Sisigou is summoned to the Clock Tower by Rocco Belfeban, who informs him that Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia has gone rogue, claiming he possesses the Holy Grail that was stolen from Fuyuki during the Third Grail War and announcing his intentions to form a new Mage Association in direct conflict with the Clock Tower. Knowing that the Yggdmillennia group has already summoned Servants to fight for them, the Clock Tower has decided to activate an emergency system in the Greater Grail, triggering a Great Holy Grail War. Seven Masters of Red representing the Clock Tower will be pitted against seven Masters of Black representing Yggdmillennia in a team battle instead of the free for all of a regular Holy Grail War. Sisigou accepts the offer to become a Master of Red and receives a piece of the Round Table as his catalyst. Meanwhile, in Romania, Darnic is aware of the Clock Tower’s plans and begins building an army of golems with the help of Avicebron, while his comrades summoned their Servants. Sisigou then arrives in Romania and performs the summoning ritual, calling forth Mordred. Elsewhere, a girl claiming to be Jeanne d’Arc appears.

Fate/Apocrypha: 1Episode 1
Jul. 01, 2017