Fate/Apocrypha Episode 2

The Saint’s Appearance

Jeanne d’Arc is summoned to Romania as a Ruler-class servant, tasked with ensuring that the Holy Grail War proceeds as intended. After having a brief flashback of being burned at the stake, Jeanne leaves for the battlefield. Meanwhile, the Black Faction servants are revealed to be Astolfo, Chiron, Frakenstein’s monster, Siegfried, Avicebron, Vlad Tepes III, and Jack the Ripper. Sisigou introduces himself to Mordred, and finds out she desires the Grail to in order to get the chance to draw Caliburn, therefore proving her worthiness to succeed her father, King Arthur. The two then head to the local church to meet Shiro Kotomine, a priest and the de facto leader of the Red Faction. Shiro reveals his servant is Semiramis, but Sisigou refuses to divulge Mordred’s identity and leaves, intending to act on his own since neither he nor Mordred trust Shiro. Shakespeare then arrives and informs Shiro that Spartacus has defied orders and has moved to attack the Yggdmillenia castle on his own. That night, Sisigou and Mordred encounter a Yggdmillenia patrol and eliminate it, with Sisigou and Mordred mutually impressed with each others’ combat abilities. At the church, Shiro orders Karna to assassinate Jeanne, fearing that she will interfere with his plans.

Fate/Apocrypha: 1Episode 2
Jul. 07, 2017